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Avengers Assembled!!! 3-0

Posted by Bonkers1978 on August 2, 2011 at 1:25 PM

It was a 700 points Golden Age event.  You must have 6 figures on your team.  My Avengers team was:

HoT Thor 226pts

SI Iron Man 188pts

+Pym Particle

CA Steve Rogers 99pts

AV Spider-Man 111pts

SN Ant-Man (rookie) 48pts

UNV Wasp (experienced) 19pts

In the first round I played a Ultimates team.  I respect my opponent for playing this team because I really believe that the Ultimates are pretty weak for this scenario.  Ultimates problems are no support power, low attack, low defense and low damage output.  I won my first round without any problems,  In the second round I faced off agaist a team with SI Annihilus, Green Scar, HoT Captain America, GXS Beast, Lightspeed and something else I forgot.  I won map choice and decided to bring the fight indoor to control HoT Captain America. Again took out this team without much problem.  In my final round, I played against a Kilowog, Iron Man/War Machine, Scarlet Witch, AV Spider-Man, GSX Beast and Red Guardian.  I came in underestimating this team and I paid for it early on.  After his first attacks, it was a up hill battle for me the rest of the game.  At the end it came down to a few Super Senses rolls that save me and it was my Spider-Man and Thor vs his Iron Man/War Machine and Kilowog.  Came really close but at the end Mightiest Super Heroes doesn't fail.  I won the tournament with a record of 3-0.

RD 1 vs Arjang (won)

RD 2 vs Nick (won)

RD 3 vs Kris (won)

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