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Hail Hydra!!! 3-0

Posted by Bonkers1978 on August 7, 2011 at 10:20 PM

At Game Kastle it was a 400 points Modern Age game that require you to have at least 200 points of either Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D. keyword.  My team for the event was:

CA Red Skull 140pts

CA Madame Hydra 75pts

CA Richard Fisk 62pts

CA Hydra Officer (202a) 30pts

CA Hydra Officer (202a) 30pts

CA Hydra Officer (202b) 30pts

CA Hydra Agent 25pts

GSX Crimson Gem of Cyttorak 5pts

Coming into this tournament I wanted make sure of three things.  One, make sure to use Richard Fisk special power to grant Red Skull mastermind.  Two, keep Richard Fisk from getting Outwitted and make sure he is within 8 squares of Hydra Agent to active the Hydra Agent Minion Power: Cut off the Limb.  Three, make sure to use Hydra Agent as the only Mastermind fodder for both Red Skull and Madame Hydra. 

In the first round I faced off against a S.H.I.E.L.D. theme team and almost loss because I underestimated Quake (the actually figure).  When Quake charge in using his special power pretty much handicapped my team early on and Red Skull was off his 1st click.  But at the end Red Skull poison and damage output was too much for my opponent to deal with.  Best part of this match was my Red Skull KOing Nick Fury for the win.

My second round opponent team was very balanced and he played very well.  His team took my Red Skull down 4 clicks but Red Skull end dial is his best part.  His special poison power which deal 2 clicks to figures under 100 points was too much for his team too handle.

My final match was by far the most difficult to deal with.  Her team was pretty solid build having all the power that can destroy my team.  Her Spider-Woman was my #1 target from the start.  I was really afraid of her Outwit/Stealth/Leap Climb powers.  One good outwit on Richard Fisk special power to get rid of Red Skull Mastermind and TKing Elektra in with charge and flurry for 4 (double perplex from Madame Hydra and Lyssa Drak) damage will kill my team.  But unfortuanately she made a early mistake with Spider-Woman which cost her the game.  After that move I know the match was pretty much over.  At the end her team was the best team I've faced off with but mistakes was too much for her to over come.  At the end of the night ALL HAIL HYDRA!!!!

RD 1 vs John (won)

RD 2 vs Arjang (won)

RD 3 vs Krysta (won)

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