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My Howling Commandos went 3(1)-0

Posted by Bonkers1978 on August 7, 2011 at 10:50 PM

At Super Store this past weekend the event was 400 points Modern Age but you must have a character with Past keyword and another with Soldier Keyword.  My Howling Commandos team was:

CA Nick Fury 109pts

CA Captain America 83pts

CA Gabe Jones 65pts

CA Howling Commando (201b) 40pts

CA Howling Commando (201b) 40pts

CA Howling Commando 29pts

CA Howling Commando 29pts

GSX Crimson Gem of Cynttak 5pts

In the first round I had to played a triple HSS team with Nightcrawler, AA Flash and Johnny Quick.  I won map choice and decided to play on a map that gave me the only chance of winning, which was Krakoa.  We rolled a four four times in the game which was more then enough to deal with his HSS characters.  To be honest I really didn't win this game but the map did.

In the second round I've played against a Cable/Deapool, HoT Cap and 2x Howling Commandos team.  Coming into this game I was really afraid of his Cable/Deadpool most because of the damage it can do with each attack.  After his early hot dice rolls the game was pretty much decided by two low rengen rolls from him.  He played his team very well and to be honest I might not win a rematch agaist this team.

In the final round it was a rematch with my final round Wednesday night.  She played a LOT better this time but unfortuanately my team this time was a lot better then my Wednesday night team.  Won the match with no problem.

BONUS MATCH!!!  After the third round Joe challenge me with his fun Master of Evil team.  His team was Baron Zemo, Diana Prince, HoT Venom (TBolt Master of Evil), Iron Fist and Hitman.  Wild Card everyone to Master of Evil to attack every turn with a 50% chance of not taking damage was a great idea.  Lucky for me his idea was good but his dice was not.  LOL, he missed on a 6 five times in a row.  I won majorly on dice roll but the best part of the game was my Captain America KO his Baron Zemo for the win.

RD 1 vs Tyler (won)

RD 2 vs Nick (won)

RD 3 vs Krysta (won)

Bonus vs Joe (won)

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