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Teen Titans GO!!! 2-0

Posted by Bonkers1978 on August 22, 2011 at 9:25 PM

It was a 400 points Modern Age tournament and you must have atleast 12 different Keywords on your team.  My team was:

DC75 Beast Boy 60pts

DC75 Bart Allen 84pts

DC75 Donna Troy 79pts

DC75 Osiris 101pts

AA Robin 66pts

We only had 4 players so it was only 2 rounds for this tournament.  In the first round I went up against a A.I.M. team.  I sacrifice Beast Boy (T-Rex) in the 2nd turn to force my opponent to push his team.  Most importantly I wanted him to pust the Fixer because I know that he have only 6 clicks of live and he have Toughness on the second click.  In turn 3 I use Osiris to KO his Fixer and took care of the Mystic damage early in the game.  I won the game with a single Super Senses roll when time was called.  At the end of the game my Robin and Bart Allen was still alive and his Batroc and Black Widow was still alive.

Final round I played against a Avengers team which had a HoT Captain America.  Beast Boy (T-Rex) won this game for me.  I knew exactly what my opponent was going to do in his first turn so I pretty much gave him a free shot at my Beast in the 3rd turn which he didn't took.  I'm very surprise that he didn't take the shot because he will have 4 theme team prob at the attack while I have none.  My following turn my Beast Boy pretty much did its job by killig Jarvis and Tie down Captain America. 

RD 1 vs Jason (won)

RD 2 vs Prestine (won)

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