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Here is the file to download:

New installer for Windows users: Clickmaster.msi

Manual: Clickmaster

Android version available on the Android Market.

3/14/14 - Updated to latest set. Prefiltering TAs, keywords and sets.

5/17/13 - New sets added. Support for base sizes and real names added.

2/3/13 - New sets added. Some minor fixes and changes made.

11/20/12 - Batman set added. Changes made to support more dynamic dials.

10/15/12 - Minor update. Does have the newest sets and previews.

9/17/12 - New sets added along with some previewed sets. Changes to collection to allow synchronization via the cloud. In-app updater fixed. Minor set fixes.

7/12/12 - Latest sets added. Support for Improved Abilities added. Changes to reflect latest documentation. Printing problems fixed. Other various fixes. T-shirt design below.

5/1/12 - Avengers Movie sets added. ATAs added. Changes to reflect Player's Guide.

4/13/12 - Galactic Guardians added, Team Abilities sorted.

3/19/12 - Custom editing, set statistics. Search objects, etc. Event dials, and newish stuff. UI updates.

11/9/11 - New fields: gender, good to evil, and rating. Search by carry ability. New Player's guide incorporated. Lots of fixes.

8/21/11 - Street Fighter added. Desktop UI changes, more Android like. More sorting options. Range search options (e.g costs between 40 and 50).

7/18/11 - Captain America and Hammer of Thor: Fast Forces added. Minor fixes to searching and some sets.

5/27/11 - Card Printing added. Updater faster and more responsive. Green Lantern sets added. Full description in forums.

5/5/11 - Updates to reflect new rulebook: theme teams and feats. Various set updates; prefixes added.

3/29/11 - Built in clarifications on characters (taken from the Player's Guide). Support for multiple traits instead of putting them all in one trait. Fixed crash when selecting multi-abilities.

3/18/11 - Giant-Size X-Men added. Update menu option added to automatically update sets. Check forum for full list.

2/21/11 - Ability icons back! minor set updates. Possible fix for Linux.

1/21/11 - Newest ATAs added, Watchmen TAs added, displays multi-TAs for characters.

12/17/10 - DC 75th Anniversary and Brightest Day added to program. Check forum for other news.

9/18/10 - Added Jonah Hex, Watchmen and Web of Spider-Man. Other minor fixes (check forum).

7/15/10 - Yesterday's build had problems. Also fixed major bug with the collection manager.

6/22/10 - With the new ATA errata out, I decided to update the program to reflect the changes. 

6/11/10 - Long wait, but lots of additions. Marvel Classics and Blackest Night added. Wording changed to reflect new rules. More retired sets marked. Check forum for additional notes (many fixes and some upgrades).

5/10/10 - Plenty of fixes. Unfortunately, the team file format had to change and old teams will no longer load. All other notes are in the forums. 

To install, download the file; extract the zip file on to your computer and make sure you keep the directory structure. Double click the "Click master.jar" file to run the program. Any comments, bugs, or other feedback should be posted to the Click Master section in the forums.

-Jason aka Dr. Briefcase